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Heavy: NFL and Tencent to achieve three years of exclusive digital media cooperation – NFL football field – NFL 18

Click gameusd.com to buy NFL 18 coins for sale,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)  Heavy: NFL and Tencent reached a three-year exclusive digital media published by FDTraceur in cooperation with Major League football (hereinafter referred to as the NFL) announced a three-year strategic cooperation in Beijing. Since the beginning of the 2017-18 season, Tencent will become “NFL China’s digital media official exclusive partner, this is the world’s highest commercial value of the sports league for the first time with China’s digital media reached an exclusive strategic cooperation. Starting in September, the domestic audience through Tencent Sports, Tencent News, Tencent video, daily Express, Penguin live PC and mobile terminals, and WeChat, QQ and other social platforms, watch the NFL preseason, regular season (including Thursday night Sunday night games, Monday night games and Sunday afternoon games), the playoffs, the All-Star Game and Super Bowl’s live, on-demand and other exciting content. In addition, Tencent will also introduce the NFL draft, rookie training camp, NFL match day, NFL tough guy training camp and football life and other exciting content, and further enrich the content of NFL Tencent platform, the Tencent shape NFL home in China. The NFL and Tencent cooperation, marking the world’s first sports league and China’s first digital sports platform powerful combination. Tencent sports has the most extensive user base in China’s Internet, which will become the NFL to open up an important position in the Chinese market. “We are excited about the future of the NFL in China, and we are delighted to be working with Tencent,” said Roger Goodell, president of NFL. “We believe that through this partnership, we can provide better for China’s rapidly growing rugby fans Of the game experience, but also for them to create more feelings of NFL charm. “The strategic cooperation between the two sides will be the localization of the NFL events and content to Tencent hundreds of millions of users,” NFL China General Manager Richard Young said, “NFL popularity in China is soaring, Fans can uninterrupted throughout the year to watch the rich content of this event in Tencent. “NFL and rugby’s attention in China will be pushed to a new peak through Tencent’s professional production capabilities, fine operational capabilities and social networking advantages,” said R & D. “Tencent sports company has been committed to meet the needs of diversified audience, and continue to cooperate with the world’s top sports IP deepening, covering basketball, football, tennis, ice and snow, football and other multi-dimensional field, the largest The degree of release of mobile Internet era of IP value and user value, help the development of China’s sports industry.NFL 18 International Affairs and Chief Operating Officer PeterGriffiths Chen Chu Hung, vice president of Tencent Tencent Tencent exchange gifts on life with technology rich Internet users.

Every day, hundreds of millions of users communicate online through our integration platform, share experiences, get information and seek entertainment. Our diversified services include: instant messaging tools QQ, mobile social and communications services NFL 18, social networking platform QQ space, Tencent game’s QQ game platform, portal Tencent (QQ.com), (Tencent news client and network Video service Tencent video. Tencent was established in Shenzhen, China in 1998, listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2004, Tencent is one of Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index constituent stocks. Through investment innovation, partners to provide a win-win environment and close to the needs of users, we are committed to common development with the Internet. About NFL Founded in 1920, the American Professional Football League (NFL) is known as one of the most well-run companies in the United States, whose business framework, core values ​​and innovative policies are generally recognized, High quality competition level. NFL as the first American sports league, with 32 teams across the United States, the number of love than the other three major league NBA (basketball), MLB (baseball), NHL (ice hockey) and the number of fans. NFL content in the United States has been an unprecedented welcome. According to data research firm Nielsen statistics, in 2016 the United States has more than 200 million viewers watching the NFL regular season, accounting for 77% of the nation’s TV family and 68% of the number of US television viewers. Since the start of the 2016 season, the NFL has accounted for nine of the top 10 television shows in the United States, accounting for 66 of the top 100 most popular television shows. Super Bowl & Mdash; NFL Champions Finals, is the most popular program in the history of American television, but also the world’s popular sports entertainment event, in more than 170 countries with nearly 25 languages ​​live. About NFL China NFL China was established in Beijing in October 2007 to focus on the long-term development of the Chinese market, the promotion of rugby and the training of NFL fans. NFL through a number (Click gameusd.com to buy buy madden nfl 18 coins, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) of media platform with the strategic cooperation, enhance the fans of the NFL tournament attention and enthusiasm. At the same time, also vigorously promote the waist flag football, and carried out a number of fans experience activities. 2016-17 season NFL China adhering to the spirit of innovation and success, invited Payton – Manning and other superstar visit to China, and to “different” and the “brand” concept, invited artist Chen Weiting as ambassador, about Chinese football fans, players The story of American football to show the unique charm and personality of the lifestyle, attracting more Chinese young people concerned about the NFL. According to CCTV Suofu Rui research shows that in 2015 China has more than 19 million people interested in NFL football, most of the distribution in the first-tier cities. In this 19 million people, there are 1 million loyal fans of the NFL. NFL fans have grown 11 times over the past five years, and research shows that the NFL brand logo is widely known and closely linked to high quality and reliable image. NFL in China’s continuous exploration and efforts, NFL football is becoming the fastest growing domestic sports. More Media Advice, NFL 18 Heavy: NFL and Tencent Achieve Three Years Exclusive Digital Media


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