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Hummels high diving? Bierhoff: We can not control this
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In the interview, the German national team leader Bill Hoff recently talked about the international hummels recently in the social network upload a section of their own high-altitude diving video. In an interview, Bierhoff said: “We said, but fortunately he is not the first to enter the water, then that may be worse, we are not monitoring the players of the social network police, which is the national team match day Outside the things that happen, but we will tell him about the things that they need to take into account their exemplary and role models, which is the responsibility they need to take, Hu Meier Si is a lot of people thinking, I will not go to exaggerate this Thing, just talk to him. Pakistan media: Kutiniao Thursday World Cup will sit on the bench
According to “Brazil Global Sports” reported that the Brazil team has finalized the list of matches with Ecuador on Thursday, Liverpool midfielder Kutiniao will sit on the bench. This midfielder has been trying to switch to Barcelona this summer, the new season so far he has been on the grounds of injury refused to play. But the Brazilian doctors confirmed that Kutiniao current situation is perfect. In the game against Ecuador on Thursday, Kutiniao will sit on the bench, the replacement of his starting will be Chelsea midfielder William. Like the help of God, Suarez resumption of training, war Argentina is expected to start – China investment Home Investment Internet International Aviation Aviation Theory Civil Aviation Database Location: Home> International News
According to Uruguay domestic news, Suarez will be August 31 and Argentina’s La Plata River Derby starting lineup. Despite the serious injuries, but the recovery of Suarez is like a god help, according to the Uruguay national team released photos, Suarez has begun to participate in the normal training, and it seems Uruguay 9 mood is still very good. According to Uruguay, “National News” news, Suarez yesterday to participate in the main side of the joint practice, has been basically able to play with the Argentina World Cup. Suarez was wounded on August 17th in the Spanish Super Cup Round, when the Barcelona side of the check results for the players need to take a break for a month. (Click gameusd.com to buy cheap fifa 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
But Suarez only a week began to resume training. In this way, according to the Uruguay media forecast, Uruguay’s starting lineup is: Muslera; C├íceres, Gimenes, Godin, Gaston – Silva; Southdes, Bechino, Alvaro – Gonzalez, Christian – Rodriguez; Cavani, Suarez. Uruguay will be in Beijing on September 1 at 7:00 am at home against Argentina.


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