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In the Iranian illustrator, artist Amin Talebi of the World of Warcraft colleagues to the various famous characters in the world of Warcraft as the theme of the book cover, together to enjoy it!… 7.3 inventory: 7 small game can reduce the liver of small changes _ more World of Warcraft area ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Xiaobian preface 7.3 inventory: 7 can reduce the game of small changes in the amount of liver disease * is still the contents of the test service, there may be changes Oh and every patch, 7.3 also has a lot of changes in the difficulty of the game changes, such as Artifacts to catch up with the mechanism, the equipment to catch up with the mechanism, etc., outside the service is expected to 7.3 will be open before and after the end of August, so some content can wait until after 7.3 to do more difficult Oh 1. fishing achievement requirements to reduce 24 achievements, 7.3 only need to complete 20 to get fishing can Islands achievements 7.3 (only need to complete 24 of which 20): the current requirements of 24 all completed: 2. professional hall attendant Equipment and other catch-up mechanism 7.3 to join the new entourage to improve the props, directly to the followers to upgrade to 900,925,950, there are small pro who can now slowly, do not have the trumpet followers 3. trumpet And other catch-up mechanism of the new remodeling equipment, similar to the broken coast of the virtual debris exchange equipment, 7.3 Agus also have a new exchange equipment, equipment and other helicopters 910 at the same time, you can also purchase the corresponding slot type of holy objects (see here ) 4.110 level directly unlock 3 slot 7.3 do not have to complete the professional hall of the battle, rose to 110 characters will directly unlock the first three holy note slot, count trumpet welfare bar 5.110 direct unlock artifact subsidiary features the same, do not do one A lot of battle mission what will be able to directly unlock the additional traits, relaxed and happy 6. Artifact knowledge level automatic Upgrade 7.3 update day, all corps re-role artifacts knowledge level will rise to 41, without research, do not consume the hall resources, artifact knowledge big run!  (Click bankofwow.com to buy cheap wow gold, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) 41 after the artifact knowledge will automatically study, according to CD automatically grow every week, you do not have to talk with NPC, do not have to touch the book on the ground right, and automatic! Orders have shared resources, players do not have to study artifact knowledge, artifact knowledge will be automatically acquired every week. 7. strengthen the runes are no longer supplies similar to the end of the king of Delano, strengthen the runes will no longer be consumables, become a reusable props light shaved and Rune eternal life in Azeroth! The death of the album Cali more articles _ more World of Warcraft area


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