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Rogers: Coaching Liverpool makes me feel physically and mentally exhausted _FIFA 18 NEWS International Soccer News
FIFA 18 NEWS September 4, Rogers believes that coaching Liverpool is a physically and mentally exhausted job, after leaving he needs to stay away from football, take a break for some time. The coach from Northern Ireland in 2014 led Liverpool to win the sacred Premiership title, but unfortunately they eventually ranked in two points after Manchester City, runner-up. And after 17 months, Rogers, who was rejoicing in Liverpool’s fourth season, was fired by the club. In May 2016, Rogers accepted the work of coaching the thistle of the Celtics. Prior to this, he refused from the England and China multi-team invitation. In the first season of the Celtics, Rogers led the team to win the Triple Crown, and remained undefeated in the domestic tournament. When I leave Liverpool, I need to take a good rest. Rogers told the “Liverpool echo” said. The job is so tense that it is too tired. We moved to London just want to stay away from there. ; I have been invited by some teams from England and China, they are very good salary conditions, which for me is also very attractive. ; But I had left one of the largest clubs in the world, and I needed to come back again when I was fighting Liverpool. Now I have regained that feeling. ; In Liverpool, if the team get a draw on the road, this is also an acceptable result. But in the Celtics, you need to win every game, which is a very different stress. Although Rogers did not help Liverpool win a trophy, but he thought it was still his coaching career in a very special experience. ; I was infinitely close to help the team win the sacred Premier League trophy. Rogers said. ; But anyway, that season the team and fans are very special. President of Monaco: do not know how Paris is in compliance with the Financial Equity Act _FIFA 18 NEWS International Soccer News (welcome to gameusd.com buy fifa 18 coins, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

FIFA 18 NEWSMonaco Vice President Vasilyev said that Paris to Mbapei’s offer is good to refuse, but he did not know how the PSG to deal with the financial fair bill. This is a very tough move. At first, we did not want him to join a direct competitor, but my relationship with his broker’s father had been very good and they persuaded me. ; But the negotiations with Paris is very complicated, I can not understand how they signed the players without violating the fiscal fair bill. ; That is a tripartite agreement, Mbabei home always said that the trade will be in our most favorable way to reach. Paris paid us out of the price, and we can get from other European clubs as much transfer fee.


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